Freeform Pool Designs

Sometimes a simple pool is not quite what you're looking for. In some cases, Houston residents want to swim in a setting that feels more natural. That's where freeform pools from Water Line Designs come into play. Our team can free you from the constraints of traditional pool builds, and form a pool that stands apart from the rest!

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Freeform Features

Water Line Designs freeform pools that can emulate the feeling of a lagoon or cove. In addition to the oblong shape of these pools, our team can also include features like waterfalls, grottos, and slides. These features make for an immersive pool experience that goes beyond the ordinary by incorporating the freeform aspects of nature.

Build Your Pool

If you are interested in a freeform swimming experience, reach out to Water Line Designs. We can begin the construction and landscaping of your special pool.

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